Dear Parent,

“Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one
Education has been described as the liberation of an individual’s inner powers of the mind and body. This hints at the development of mental and physical talent. This is possible only with adequate resources and dedicated staff, encouraging children to blossom into excellent human beings. Excellence is the very essence of education and the ultimate objective-excellence in character, excellence in work and play, excellence in citizenship and excellence in culture. We must learn to be sensitive to other people’s feelings, and sensitive to the needs of the country.
Yet a second and equally important ingredient will have to be the ability to face the challenge of newness. No longer is it sufficient for our children to understand the past. They must learn to anticipate the direction and rate of change. They must learn to make repeated and increasingly long-range assumptions about the future. It is only b/generating such assumptions, debating, systematizing and continuously updating them, that we can deduce the nature of the cognitive and effective skills that the people of tomorrow will need to survive the ‘acceleration’ thrust.
RES in its own small way contributes to the Education for Tomorrow for our children. While paying regard to the past, our eyes are firmly set to focus on the future. With the state-of- art amenities and highly qualified faculty, we aim to prepare our children for the future. They are encouraged to discover things for themselves. Nurturing inquisitiveness under supervision is achieved by having a teacher over every five to six children academics, co-curricular & sport activities at the school.